Monday, November 19, 2007

To Keats (a gaggle of phrases)

And I need to sell Kingdom Hospital

I can see the reflection in a picture on the wall
through the landscape that inspired
Ed to bring in his son to help produce weekly
The Apple iPhone launched in the UK last night
even in dusty Shaanxi
fertile; rich, big and clumsy
These resolutions are attained
that Ibuprofen has a half life of six hours
the goddess is a shadow figure
Whoever the persons of the domestic drama may be
Not knowing Kansas ways we built
der lauf des Windes wird mit diesem Wort
Fled is that music

... as almost to be evanescent
And yet all this is put with concrete exactness and fidelity
enjambment could not be more different
The slight jerk in the rhythm between
seven reported drinking brand A
Reminds me of a bowl of Fruity Pebbles
hope they have some extra powerful new moves in pokemon emerald
if you forgot the candy, turn off the lights
Blooming can occur in one of two ways: fat bloom or sugar bloom
and they tell us to look ahead at that which is to come
He was at times put on a starvation diet
mom and two bambis who were born last year
flutter through Indian summer
jailbreak tested, confirmed!
my photographic talents I can continue
It has been an equally busy time in the greenhouse
We can only marvel at the subtleties of sound

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Bryan Coffelt said...

i like this one a lot. i want to write something else about this one. maybe i will ask you about it when we get together this week.