Friday, December 5, 2008

Primitive Mouth Shapes

we set greedily at the mouths of creeks
dogeaters in nicotine stain light
approximating the shape and mass 
of dark floors, mudbanks 
crustaceans with willing mouths, claws akimbo
poised to do dirty work.

we imagine mouths making clicking
machinations as tolerances are met though 
in a more primitive sense like impressions 
made in soft bone, gold caps
secreted molars where light is a heavy varnish
covering the places you've scrubbed too thin.

This is how the tide lets out:  a gradual
slipping like you don't even consider 
the leeching of bones, the fossil records 
there beneath you, the shifting of marrow to clay
Every one thing is a solid framework of holes
and the acquiescence of skin cells to dust 

Is not a relenting, so much or letting go
but becoming the fecundity of humus.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

dog dick in your rope
won't send strands into fray.
a union of two ends in cuntsplice
these ends are bitter
these ends are bitter
these hands are better
tracing ribs and bulwark
shifting bulkheads, shifting
space filling voids
is this avarice?

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Zygote Submissions in the Back of a Rambler

You are singularly possessed 
of your la di da your
nocturnal submissions were all zygote 
milk and fromaggio jordache filling
my poindexter coin purse at the laundrette
isn't anymore french bread, either loaf
or toast.

But you stepped over obfuscated
minions, you nocturnal ambulator we 
said algorithm and binary nsaids
in the back of a rambler but
our musings were relevant to the 
google-eyed, smoothie-coiffed 
beancounter java zombies