Monday, November 19, 2007

To Keats (a gaggle of phrases)

And I need to sell Kingdom Hospital

I can see the reflection in a picture on the wall
through the landscape that inspired
Ed to bring in his son to help produce weekly
The Apple iPhone launched in the UK last night
even in dusty Shaanxi
fertile; rich, big and clumsy
These resolutions are attained
that Ibuprofen has a half life of six hours
the goddess is a shadow figure
Whoever the persons of the domestic drama may be
Not knowing Kansas ways we built
der lauf des Windes wird mit diesem Wort
Fled is that music

... as almost to be evanescent
And yet all this is put with concrete exactness and fidelity
enjambment could not be more different
The slight jerk in the rhythm between
seven reported drinking brand A
Reminds me of a bowl of Fruity Pebbles
hope they have some extra powerful new moves in pokemon emerald
if you forgot the candy, turn off the lights
Blooming can occur in one of two ways: fat bloom or sugar bloom
and they tell us to look ahead at that which is to come
He was at times put on a starvation diet
mom and two bambis who were born last year
flutter through Indian summer
jailbreak tested, confirmed!
my photographic talents I can continue
It has been an equally busy time in the greenhouse
We can only marvel at the subtleties of sound

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Homo Faux Nick

Spray can say douche, mine camp
eye bought pack thumb tack
pens ants pretense sleazy pretense
hollow fogs drawn wan to disclose
buttering dogs eye button hole
Sister'n my mom had a talk
cruise sue fix cruise a fix
cat atheism is a languid id
ignominy dare I bat affable
old factory audible smells
key chin maul spray dots

Sunday, November 11, 2007

The internet is actually a system of tubes
viscera where you can watch death porn
for the rage addicted fucking's
not enough give me the humiliation
gray matter money shot the stars of which are
amateur Iraqis who didn't sign a waiver
let alone get a drink
before some hillbilly hopped up
on power played abu ghraib ass.
TV is actually the Great and all powerful Oz
pay no attention to Big Business behind the screen
The broadcast is simulacra malformed truth
reality got pitched
out the window by a man in a sharkskin Armani
and Baudrillard watches from his La-Z Boy in purgatory

A World Where Wal Mart Goes Green

I thought I'd save the planet by shopping
for Walm Art. The history books lied and
said slavery was dead.
Undercover pedophiles get kicks
in underroos made from children.
look who we've got our Hanes on now
the big box has the whole world inside
the margins.
We're going green just look
at our lawns!
soil is the new black and back yard alchemy
ain't just for meth labs anymore.
Alternatives become first stringers when
fat cats render profits from hills of beans
I had a dream where we saved the planet and
ethics never got in the way
of exploitation

I am bic

oh less crimes do pin grins on sore faces
live ants attack Aussies ought to relent
if doo flew from grand voice triumph wail tale
lest elves rear or vent or corner an ox
at ease, at ease, at ease snake charm disarm
insist a tryst is a ton of donkeys
parsley detests corn dogs in butts a vent
in fort fruit of the loin come here my doll
the lance opines lactate virgin stroller
lazy villas lodges and tents pretense
comely diverge less vile instant poet

Homophonic Spree (pt.1)

Oh less crimes do pin grins set in sour hearts
of ants eaten Aussies say "lament, aughta tan,"
it dew flew proclaim a grand voice triumph whales
lest elves rear or vent or corner ox ruffles
attorneys at ease, at ease, charming aint it Debra
incest ton of keys lain not less elves on rails
Parsley coon detest pins in butt a vent gothic
L.A. forest fruit of the loin come here under arm ant leek
don't lets lance opines agitate a tournament
less villas lodges and tents medicant maintenance
Comely virgins less vile lard eat less poets
eat me seville errant opahs denial vine ant
nine grand suer lures pigeons from droneless gipettos

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Working Title

Absalom sniffs maccaboy discreetly, awaiting
the snuff from the hand of Joab while
in the periphery, asses engage in anal sex
dead man walking, smiles inwardly, contemplating
a last meal of blood sausage
made from intestines rife with Crohn's

His arbiter pled in last minute appeals
vain vindications of a life laid to wasting and wantonness
His indiscretions were many, but none more deserving immolation
than biting the hand that feeds him.
For his insolance, the magistrate felled the arbor vitae
and no longer standing his limbs sprawled and rooted

WAtching my life fan out like so much smoke

Watching reruns of reality on daytime TV.
I exhale just the tiniest bit. An abscess forms
metastasizing my keenness.
I'm starting to eschew the taste
intellectual dilletantes and their
burgeoning lexicon make broad and sweeping references
to the pastoral beauty of an idle mind.
I just see vacancies

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Ryland Alan Brown

Banana roll wryly
banally randy worn lanyard
any bald warlord, nary brawny
or raw

Drawn wan anally by bran
drab brandy and lawn
Banyan drawl drolly

Nylon band dally on barn
narrow lab drown on dryland
lad blown away

Droll labor ban, yawn
darn yarn wand and drywall
born on lowland
a lord

Bad Poem

it stands a full 60"
off the ground-
that’s chest level to the average
American male

there’s enough chrome to blind
a pig looking for an acorn
if he were so inclined
lord willing

by god, he’ll find it. Perfect
last I checked
perfect was good enough
for the girls we go with

Go where? Anywhere
as long as its with god and
the girls we go with
and the blind pig
in my truck

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Intersection @ Parque del Buen Retiro, Madrid

I wonder what it would be like to be stuck in a roundabout. Preoccupied with finding a route of egress, would the grandeur of life be overlooked? Or transversely, if distracted by the same redundant scene rolling along in front of you, would opportunity go unnoticed?