Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Working Title

Absalom sniffs maccaboy discreetly, awaiting
the snuff from the hand of Joab while
in the periphery, asses engage in anal sex
dead man walking, smiles inwardly, contemplating
a last meal of blood sausage
made from intestines rife with Crohn's

His arbiter pled in last minute appeals
vain vindications of a life laid to wasting and wantonness
His indiscretions were many, but none more deserving immolation
than biting the hand that feeds him.
For his insolance, the magistrate felled the arbor vitae
and no longer standing his limbs sprawled and rooted

WAtching my life fan out like so much smoke

Watching reruns of reality on daytime TV.
I exhale just the tiniest bit. An abscess forms
metastasizing my keenness.
I'm starting to eschew the taste
intellectual dilletantes and their
burgeoning lexicon make broad and sweeping references
to the pastoral beauty of an idle mind.
I just see vacancies