Sunday, November 11, 2007

The internet is actually a system of tubes
viscera where you can watch death porn
for the rage addicted fucking's
not enough give me the humiliation
gray matter money shot the stars of which are
amateur Iraqis who didn't sign a waiver
let alone get a drink
before some hillbilly hopped up
on power played abu ghraib ass.
TV is actually the Great and all powerful Oz
pay no attention to Big Business behind the screen
The broadcast is simulacra malformed truth
reality got pitched
out the window by a man in a sharkskin Armani
and Baudrillard watches from his La-Z Boy in purgatory

1 comment:

Ortho said...

I had to comment. Your writing demanded a comment. It pulled a comment from my brain to my finger-tips that pounded on the keyboard that composed words on the screen, then I clicked to send my words through cyberspace with only one hope--the hope that you shall read them.